Welcome to Open Bookk

Hey everyone! Are you feeling lonely, sad or depressed? Don’t have a good friend? Nobody to turn to? And looking for a companion? I introduce to you Open Bookk, created to help bring open-minded people together from around the world to create new friendships and make you feel happier, important and no more lonely!

what I mean by Open minded: You can be who you want to be, white, black, straight, gay, queer, an introvert or an extrovert, etc...
if you feel you are open and friendly about this please do join us

NOTE :This is not to help you find a girl/guy... this is only to help you find a genuine FRIEND




Hey Guys! 

I am very glad to invite you all to this new social network dedicated to create genuine Friendships!

I apologise for not paying much attention to OpenBookk but now I have made a few changes and will try my best to improve the site for everyone to feel at home and make a new friend!

Until then feel free to message each other or start a group chat and start introductions! or even send me a message and I shall do all I can to create a Smile! :)